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Investor Opportunities and Market Overview

Outstanding opportunities exist for qualified investors in the Austin real estate market. Tate Property has insight on a number of projects that are planned to yield excellent return on investment for the equity investors. While investor opportunity abounds in many real estate markets across the U.S., Texas and Austin in particular show unique promise.

Texas has been the shining star of the US real estate sector since the financial crisis that began in 2006. Homeowners in Texas were largely saved from the lending excesses that brought on the U.S. foreclosure crisis, in part, because of a state law that limited home-equity borrowing, according to a study this year by the Dallas Federal Reserve.1 Values also didn't inflate as much because builders could move quickly to meet demand given the state's abundance of land and relatively easy zoning requirements. Texas home prices fell about 2.5% from a peak in 2007 to a trough in 2011, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency… impressive resilience considering that many markets saw home prices plummet in excess of 45% from the peak.2,3

Austin is the capital of Texas and a perennial chart topper of the "top ten" lists of best cities. Some of the notable 2012 - 2013 rankings include:

  • #1 - Top 12 American Boomtowns (Bloomberg News)
  • #3 - Best City to Start a Business (Nerdwallet.com)
  • #1 - Ten Best Cities in the U.S. to Live, Work, and Make Movies (MovieMaker Magazine)

...and numerous top rankings for fitness, "hipness", hamburgers, bar-b-que, golf, shopping and "techieness". It is for these reasons and numerous others that Austin ranked #1 on Forbes list of America's Fastest Growing Cities with an estimated 137 people moving into the metroplex every day.4,5 Austin's growth and stability can also be attributed to the employer base that includes governmental (federal, state, city and L.C.R.A.), educational (University of Texas, St. Edwards University, Concordia University, Austin Community College), healthcare (Seton Healthcare Family, Girling Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White), and a who's-who list of the tech industry including the headquarters of companies such as Dell Computer, Cirrus Logic, Bazaarvoice, Silicon Laboratories, Emerson Process Management, Grande Communications and Home Away.

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